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Every garment you bring in receives personal care and attention throughout our multi-step process. We inspect and detail garments to ensure proper preparation and Classification for cleaning. We professionally remove stains,dry clean,wet clean,or hand clean as appropriate for the garment, press and hand finish it and make any necessary minor repairs. Then we inspect it again and package it carefully to avoid wrinkling in transport back to your home.


Although wet cleaning is similar to standard laundering, it is much more advanced. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so your dress shirts will always look their best and so will you. Many garments that say *Dry Clean Only” will benefit more from wet cleaning, especially if they are heavily soiled. Our state-of-the-art wet cleaning machine can handle even the most delicate of fabrics and keep them feeling soft and looking beautiful.


Whether you need simple repairs or alterations, our expert tailoring services will help you get the perfect fit. Whether your closet favorites have torn seams, broken zippers, hemlines that need to go up(or down) or waistbands that no longer fit, don’t throw them out- repair, resize or restyle them- it’s the green thing to do!

Quality is our priority, so we strive to return every garment in like-new condition.  Basic repairs consisting of but not limited to loose/missing buttons or clasps, torn seams, or fallen hems will be done in-house for a nominal fee.  Due to the daily volume of garments needing basic repairs, we cannot call to obtain consent for these charges.  If we find that the garment needs to be sent to our seamstress, or if the repair cost exceeds $10 we will contact the customer to discuss the repair.  We have adopted this policy because we believe it’s important to return a garment ready to wear vs. returning it with a tag informing you that a seam is torn or one hem is out, causing the garment to be unwearable.


We can clean and revitalize all of the fabrics in your life-comforters and duvets, decorative pillows, draperies, even your favorite stuffed animals! Please note that draperies can experience damage from sun exposure and may have areas of fading or even dry rot. We do require a signed release for all drapery orders.


Most quality shoes and boots are designed to be refurbished. In most circumstances, we can restore them to like-new condition! And we don’t limit ourselves to just shoes- we can repair purses, belts,leather jackets and coats-almost any leather item!


Protect your investment in fine quality leather and suede with our professional cleaning services. In addition to cleaning your garments, it may also be possible to touch-up the color, re-oil or re-glaze, repair rips and tears, and replace the lining. And don’t worry if your garments have developed mold or mildew stains- in most circumstances these can be removed and you will be looking sharp again in no time! Proper care and cleaning of your leather, suede and fur items can extend the life of your garments so that they can be enjoyed by future generations.


Have you inherited your grandmother’s feather pillows but they’re feeling lumpy? Or have you suddenly started sneezing when sleeping on your own pillows? Many customers think they’ve developed allergies to feathers, when in reality it is the dust inside the pillow that is produced when the feathers break down over time. Our pillow restoration machine de-odorizes and sanitizes using an ozone bulb, while separating the dust from the feathers. We then add new feathers and place them in a new ticking cover to restore your pillow to its original fullness.


Trust us to give meticulous attention to the inspection, stain removal, cleaning, finishing, and preservation needs of your gown.  Our cleaning process includes a special step to ensure “invisible stains” containing sugar, salt, or citrus acid that can dry clear are removed as well.  Were you planning on wearing an heirloom wedding dress, only to discover that it has yellowed over time?  Don’t worry – in most circumstances we can restore the gown to its original color.  Most gowns are cleaned in-house and are inspected by you before proceeding to the next step.  Following your approval, we preserve your gown with acid-free materials, to ensure its beauty for generations to come.  Once you get it home, be sure to store it in a cool, dry place to avoid heat and dampness in order to prevent yellowing and mildew.